How to Discover Your Destiny

Our Destiny Fulfilled

We often set new agendas for what we want to be and desire to become. We make promises to ourselves, our partners, our parents and our creator about what we want to be. However, humans, you and I, often forget there is a crucial difference between what we want to be and what we need to be.

We are all born with a destiny, a specific purpose which our soul arrived to serve. We often confuse our destiny with what we were raised to be, losing track of our true spiritual mission by conforming to other people’s social expectations of us. No matter your success, if you do not serve your purpose or destiny, you will never be happy, because your body and your soul will be neither interconnected nor aligned.

We are infinitely surrounded by positive energy and positive opportunities to do good. While awareness of that fact is important and necessary, it’s not the final step to our growth. Being a nice, spiritual, successful person is a great effect, but it does not contribute to existential purpose.

Let’s do a little experiment.

Have you ever purchased and brought home something you really liked? Notice: “liked,” not needed for a purpose. Once you put it on the shelf and admired it for days, weeks, or however long, all it accumulates over time is dust! Perhaps even its purpose to be beautiful and inspiring begins to fail. Why? Because it lacks a function! It has no purpose.

Now, I’m sure, we all have those trousers we cannot let go, even if torn or full of holes. We cannot seem to let them go, because they serve a purpose. The same applies to our bodies and missions here in the physical world. No matter what we are given—looks, intelligence, money—if they are not used to serve our purpose, that which we had promised the divine to achieve, these will accumulate dust, yielding to our unhappiness.

So, how can we know if we are doing the right thing? If we are following social expectations or our purpose and destiny? This million-dollar question can only be answered through a continuous request for insight and guidance.

So, here are three steps to discovering our destinies:

  1. Constantly ask for guidance.
  2. Let go of things that don’t serve our greater goods.
  3. Negative habits? Drop it like it’s hot! (For more information, read on BVC.)

    Good luck achieving your destiny!

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