Counseling & Coaching

Counselling and coaching are two different techniques, but both help you take positive steps to improve your life.

While counselling is there to help you work through certain issues, coaching is more focused on helping you to take action and achieve specific goals.

A counsellor will listen, empathise and support you to solve the problems you are facing. A coach will challenge you to unleash your potential, set new goals and take actions to reach them.

Our practitioners offer the following types of coaching and counselling face-to-face in London, Beirut and Cyprus and online.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching combines psychological, humanistic, holistic and integrative principles to help those who are struggling to reach their life goals.

When you have Transformational Coaching, you will be challenged to break habitual thought patterns that may have been holding you back. Your coach will help you to identify and develop your strengths, set new goals and create action plans to reach them.

By helping you to investigate and overhaul your beliefs and behaviours, your coach can help you switch off the auto-pilot and switch on to your potential.

Transformational Coaching is used to help with:

Bad habits
Poor self image
Negative attitude
Perceived limitation

    Positive Psychotherapy

    Positive Psychotherapy is a therapeutic method that integrates humanist and psychotherapeutic methods. It is an empowering approach that supports you to fulfil your true potential and embrace your authentic self.

    When you have Positive Psychotherapy, you will find a focus on increasing the positive and ‘good’ aspects of yourself. By doing this, you can begin to reframe your negative experiences and what you think of as being ‘wrong’ with yourself.

    Positive psychotherapy uses a range of techniques, such as storytelling and gratitude to build on your inherent strengths and empower you to play an active part in your own healing.

    Positive Psychotherapy is used to help with:

    Overall Psychological Well-Being
    Building Mental Resilience

      Resilience Skills Training

      Resilience Skills Training helps to provide you with the mental tools needed to be able to bounce back in the face of adversity.

      Mental resilience is not about never failing, it is about the way you react and move forward afterwards. Training in this area will give you the skills to respond to any setbacks positively and use that experience for personal growth.

      Learning to be more resilient can help you achieve goals in your personal and professional life and approach obstacles with a more optimistic attitude.

      Resilience Skills Training is used to help with:

      Low self-esteem
      Managing change
      Lack of assertiveness

        Transpersonal Counseling

        Transpersonal Counseling is a talking therapy established in the 1960s that blends contemporary psychological methods with spiritual practices.

        The focus is on looking beyond the personal and helping you find and connect with your real self. It is a form of counseling that can help you feel more ‘whole’ as a person, achieve personal growth and spiritual fulfilment, and heal from any psychological or emotional issues.

        Transpersonal Counseling draws on a range of methods, depending on what best suits you as an individual. These can include: meditation, hypnotherapy, and guided visualisations.

        Transpersonal Counseling is used to help with:

        Low self-image

          Executive Coaching

          Executive Coaching helps potential and existing business leaders and senior professionals to improve their performance at work and reach their goals.

          This kind of coaching provides a safe space outside of the business world for you to reflect on your behaviour, actions and habits, identify strengths and weaknesses, and set goals. It can challenge you to find different perspectives and explore new approaches at work.

          Executive Coaching not only helps you to reach your potential in your career, but also supports you to grow on a personal level.

          Executive Coaching is used to help with:

          Managing Change
          Personal and professional growth
          Bad habits
          Goal setting

            Grief Therapy

            Grief Therapy helps you to work through the range of emotions you might feel after a significant loss.

            Grief therapy is not exclusively for bereavement. You might be grieving the loss of a relationship through divorce, the break-up of a romantic relationship or estrangement from a friend or family member.

            Any kind of loss can trigger a range of emotions from sadness and anger to guilt and resentment. If you are finding it hard to process your feelings and cope after a loss, Grief Therapy can help you work through it and move forward.

            Grief Therapy is used to help with:

            Death of a loved one
            Marriage breakdown
            Losing your job


              Together, we can find the right way forward to suit your unique needs