Meet The Team


Like all members of our team, Hiba is driven by a deep desire to help people.

She has been motivated by her experiences of growing up with a sick father, living in a challenging country and making a positive therapeutic journey.

Hiba’s particular passion is the connection between physical health and mental health. She became a Certified Biodecoding Counselor from L’École de Christian Fleche, which is a listening therapy that is used to identify the emotional origin of a disease and aid transformation.

Using her own childhood experience combined with this expert knowledge, she helps people to decode and resolve the emotional and ancestral root cause of physical symptoms to reach permanent cellular deprogramming that helps them heal.

As a Lebanese citizen, Hiba also understands the importance of resilience in moving forward to achieve the life you truly want. To support people achieving this, she completed the Realising Resilience Coaching Masterclass from the Positive Psychology Institute and is now qualified in Executive Coaching.

After studying with the US Society of NLP, Hiba became a Certified Technician in the Art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. With this knowledge she is able to improve the way people relate and communicate with themselves and others in how to liberate themselves from their self-imposed limitations and achieve their full potential.

That liberation lies at the heart of what therapy is. For Hiba it is a way of freeing yourself from blockages that are limiting your own development. As a therapist, she sees her role as helping people become lighter, freer, and excited to experience and live their own personal journey to the maximum.


May & Biba

May and Biba are the secret genies of BMC who have been with us since the very beginning, helping to make things happen and find solutions to anything and everything.

May is our admin queen while Biba is our IT whizz-kid. Together, they are a dream team, doing everything from the heart with plenty of laughter and banter, along the way! BMC is truly blessed to have such a dedicated and compassionate team.