Man showing sign or depression

What is depression?

Depression is a persistent low mood that affects your day-to-day life.

When you have depression, you often struggle to take pleasure in activities that you used to enjoy. It can leave you feeling tearful and unhappy for weeks or months at a time.

Depression is a common issue and ranges from mild, such as feeling down in the dumps, to moderate and severe, where you might feel suicidal.

It’s not something you can ‘just get over’ or ‘snap out of’. However, you can recover from it with the right help and support.

How do I know if I have depression?

There are times when we all feel a bit sad or down, but usually these feelings are short-lived and often in response to a specific situation or event.

Depression is when these feelings last long-term and disrupt your ability to enjoy your usual life.

Symptoms of depression include:

Inability to take pleasure in things
Lack of self-confidence
Feeling guilty or worthless
Long-lasting low mood
Low energy
Trouble sleeping

    Treatment for depression

    We offer treatments for depression online and face-to-face in London, Beirut and Cyprus.

    Our treatments include:

    Positive psychotherapy
    Resilience Skills training
    CBT Hypnotherapy

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