Stress and Anxiety

Woman Showing sign of stress or feeling anxious

What is the difference between stress and anxiety?

Stress and anxiety are often connected, although it is possible to experience one without the other.

Stress is our response to something that we perceive to be a threat or that we are fearful of. It is often a short-term response to a specific event.

Most people feel stressed at some point in their life. But if that stress begins to affect your life in the long-term and impact the way you behave, it might be time to seek extra help.

Anxiety is our emotional reaction to stress and can last long after the event that triggered it. Feeling persistently worried about what may happen or your ability to cope are signs of anxiety.

Anxiety can be general or related to something more specific, such as a particular social situation or person or a phobia.

How do I know if I have stress or anxiety?

The signs of stress and anxiety can be very similar. They can both affect you mentally, physically and emotionally.

Symptoms of stress:

Sleeping too much/too little
Muscle tension
Stomach issues
Difficulty concentrating
Eating/drinking too much/little


Symptoms of anxiety:

Persistent fear and worry
Rapid breathing
Rapid heartbeat
Compulsive behaviour
Avoiding certain places or situations
Difficulty concentrating

Treatment for stress and anxiety

We offer treatments for stress and anxiety online and face-to-face in London, Beirut and Cyprus.

Our treatments include:

Positive psychotherapy
Transpersonal counselling
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Biodecoding Therapy


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