Relational Therapy


Relational Therapy recognises the importance of strong, positive relationships to psychological well-being and helps you to build these kinds of relations with others.

Past negative relationships can continue to affect your thoughts, feelings and behaviour in the present, e.g. pushing people away before they get too close.

Relational Therapy provides you with a new model to help you create healthy, long-term relationships and find greater emotional peace.

Our practitioners offer the following types of Relational Therapy face-to-face in London, Beirut and Cyprus and online: 

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a transformative evidence-based psychotherapy that focuses on helping you understand your inner self.

It does this by helping you to accept all the different parts that make up your personality. Once you connect and accept everything that makes you, then you have a strong foundation to heal from past emotional pain, resolve old conflicts and forge better relationships with yourself and others.

IFS is a talking therapy that can involve techniques such as relaxation and breath-work. It is suitable for individuals, couples and families.

IFS is used to help with:

Bipolar disorder

Couples Mediation

Couples Mediation helps partners whose relationship is struggling and in need of repair, usually due to a breakdown in communication or trust.

Over a fairly short time, Couples Mediation can help to unblock the lines of communication and help both parties find a solution they can both commit to.

Your mediator will create a safe space for feelings to be expressed honestly and for each person to feel listened to, without the potential for more conflict.

Couples Mediation is used to help with:

Relationship breakdown
Poor communication/trust


Together, we can find the right way forward to suit your unique needs.