It Is NOT About The Summer Body

Scroll, Scroll, Scroll.

My eyes squint in concentration. They dart right and left taking in every inch of the picture. My thoughts start forming. I absently touch my stomach.

I scrutinize the picture meticulously. I start with the curves that are shaping the slender body. The body is almost unreal. It feels drawn: Perfectly proportioned curves define the smallest waist I’ve seen. Shapely hips that don’t take more space than they should. A modest bust that seems to be nature’s generous gift.

I stare.

Muscles across her body bulge in the right amount and at just the right place. Pilates? Maybe.

I zoom out.

The slender form, positioned forward, is looking backward, with a slight tilt of the head. A genuine laugh reveals straight white teeth. Note to self: not a smoker. Not even a coffee drinker? Hm. Photoshop?

A glimmer in her eye teases the camera. A shawl covering her shoulders moves with a seemingly present wind.

Her swimsuit is a brand name; I don’t bother with it. My eyes dart to the shape of her stomach; it says daily crunches. A lot of them. Four-packs worth of them.

A quick glance at my thighs. I wince. The thoughts are back again. I push them away.

Back to my phone. I zoom in. I zoom out again.

I admire the picture holistically. The posture is confident. The movement graceful and natural. I sigh. A brief reflection on my screen gives out my double chin. I raise my head and fix my seating position.

I look back down, avoiding the reflection,      

Nadia Glaze posted: Going with the flow #readyforsummer

I roll my eyes at the caption.

I put my phone down, dizzy with a sudden surge of emotions; sadness, envy, hatred, nausea. I settle on anger.

I take another breath.

I grab my phone in a hurry. I must fix this. My anger guides my fingers as they punch the screen with a panic: The perfect summer body in 1 month

“I can do one month” I mumbled.

Search… loading

I scroll through:

“How to Lose 10 Kilos in 10 Days” …

“Motivate Yourself with JumboGym: Get 20% off Today!” …


Images: Six-packs, size-zero ladies by the beach with big sun hats, Swimsuit models




“BECAUSE I WANT THEIR BODY!” I screamed back at the mockingly large letters.

My finger lingered. “Why AM I obsessed?” I wondered as I decided to take the bait.  

The title appeared in clear format:

It Is NOT About Summer. Embrace Yourself and Embrace Your Body


The concept of the "summer body" you are obsessing over is a myth.

The summer body is an idea that is perpetuated by society's unrealistic beauty standards. Often, these standards are hyped with filters and cleanings. Often, these standards are not the truth.”

My head nodded. They have a point.

“Society’s standards suggest that there's only ONE type of body that is worthy of being seen in a swimsuit, or worthy of enjoying the sunshine in a two-piece fashion piece.”

I thought of Nadia Glaze


Our bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors… And each one is beautiful in its own unique way.

So why are you so focused on another person’s body rather than appreciating your own?”

The thoughts were pushing their way back in. They always find ways of telling me why I’m not worthy, or why I’m not special in any way. I shake head willing them away. I continue reading.


FIRST: Your Worth Is NOT Determined by Your Appearance.  

Now read and repeat. Let it sink in: Your value as a person has nothing to do with how you look in a bikini or swimming trunks.

You are valuable, and you are worthy of love, respect, and acceptance, exactly as you are, regardless of whether you have a six-pack or a one-pack.

SECOND: Health Looks Different on Everyone.

Contrary to popular belief: health ≠ thinness or muscularity.

Health is multifaceted and so it looks different on every individual. Instead of chasing a certain body shape, focus on your present body and see what makes YOU special.

  • Do you nourish your body with nutritious food?
  • Do you stay active in ways that bring you joy?
  • Do you prioritize your mental and emotional well-being?

    These factors = health. It is not the abs; it is the “fabs.” JUST BE FABULOUS.

    THIRD: Life is Too Short to Waste on Self-Loathing.

    Spending precious time and energy fixating on your perceived flaws steals away moments of joy, connection, and adventure.

    Instead of criticizing yourself, celebrate all the incredible things your body allows you to do—whether it's hiking in nature, dancing with friends, or simply enjoying a delicious meal.

    FORTH: You Deserve to Feel Confident Year-Round.

    NEWSFLASH! Confidence doesn't come from having the "perfect" body.

    Confidence comes from embracing who you are, inside AND out.

    By letting go of the pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards, you free yourself to fully embrace your uniqueness and radiate the confidence that can shine beautifully on you when you allow it to.

    FIFTH: True Beauty Comes from Self-Love.

    Do you know what the most attractive quality a person can possess?

    It is self-love.

    When you cultivate a deep sense of love and appreciation for yourself and towards yourself, you become magnetic to others. Regardless of your physical appearance, attraction works from the inside out.

    So, dear reader,

    You are beautiful. You are radiant. You are enough.

    Instead of striving and obsessing for a "summer body," let's try to shift our focus to creating a constant mind-set of

    • Self-love
    • Body positivity

    This is all you need this summer, and all seasons long.

    Embrace your body, flaunt your swimsuit with pride, and remember that you are perfect, just the way you are!

    “Does the author have a point?” I wondered, closing my eyes.

    “I do have positive attributes that I don’t often give myself credit for, and I must revive them.”  

    I grab the pen and paper on the coffee table:

    • I am healthy.
    • I eat well.
    • I try to walk often.
    • I try to maintain a balance in my lifestyle.


      “Well, I do snack a lot, and I don’t ‘hit the gym’ with weights and crunches. I have a small belly where the fat always seems to take a prolonged rest...”

      I shake my head to clear the thoughts. I write:

      • My legs are toned.
      • My muscles are clearly formed.
      • My weight is often stable.
      • I’m only lazy in the evenings.
      • I’m always moving around.

        Shift the perspective

        Writing down positive attributes helps repel the negative thoughts that often consume an overthinking mind.

        Looking at my list, I realize I’m not that bad after-all.

        I touch my stomach again.

        “I should learn to love you dear jelly belly. Shift the perspective right?”

        With that, I jump up, exit my social media page, grab my headphones and allow my feet to lead me onto my usual route.

        “I’m going to be ok” my last thought exits as Linda Perry blasts through my headphones.

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