The Secret to Self-Motivation

Are you trying to reach a goal like losing weight or acquiring a new skill, but you are having trouble committing to your goal(s)? Are you in a phase that you feel blocked and lacking the motivation to keep going? Do you find yourself repeating the “I can’t do” phrase?

Well, you might be experiencing a self-sabotaging behavior. It is a behavior and thought that is keeping you away from what you desire most in life. Don’t let the “I Can’t” behavior take over your life. Start saying “I will”, have the willpower to choose what you really need to do.

What’s the secret ingredient for an ongoing Self-Motivation? As simple as it can be, it is Optimism and Being Positive.

Positive thinkers are very good at getting themselves motivated. They master how to use their skills to achieve their desired goals. They train their mind to be positive and use their energy effectively so as not to fall victim to the “I can’t” pulling voice (yes it is that little voice living inside your head).

So, Why not ME ? What is the secret ingredient to master self-motivation? It is quite simple actually, it is a combination of Optimism + Energy + Sense of Purpose.

Here are some tips:

  • Learn to be Optimistic: When facing a challenging situation, adopt the PIN code:
    • P: Look for the Positive in every situation.
    • I: Look for something Interesting about it.
    • N: After seeing the positive, evaluate the Negative.

Focus on pleasure and success. Train your mind to look for the positive and focus on solutions rather than on the problem itself.

  • Optimising your Energy: Increase your energy level by optimising your body, mind and well-being.
    • Have a balanced a diet: stick to a healthy eating plan. Choose complex carbohydrates, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay away from sugar & processed food. Take vitamins if needed.
    • Exercise Regularly: Take a 30 min walk every day, do some aerobic activities, stretching & yoga or just choose your favorite playlist and dance. Introduce a 15 min meditation before bedtime.
    • Rest: Get enough rest. Listen to your body. Recharge your batteries regularly. Set up a ME time during the day: take a hot bath, read a book, listen to some restful music. Your mind and body will Thank You.
  • Know what motivates you in life: think of fun and enjoyable activities that make time fly by.
    • Keep a diary: write down your daily activities during the day and describe the feelings you got when performing them.
    • List the tasks that you wish to do and keep on postponing.
    • Ask yourself: What skills do I have that are not being utilised? Then put your heart into it.

Always remember that reviewing your journal on a weekly basis can help you understand your different moods during the day, the activities you enjoy the most, and the tasks that need a little creativity to be more interesting, and fit in your program. Use that information wisely.

Most importantly, do not fall into the self-blame game or go on a guilt-trip when you are not productive. On the contrary, consider it a passing cloud and look forward to the Sun.

Be proud of yourself when you decide to explore your full potential. Be open to challenges, and remember we grow when we face challenges. Take time to understand yourself, don’t be harsh on yourself, invest your time and skills wisely, focus on the benefits, and always keep going without judgement… Remember, the Sun will always shine the next day...

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