Transform a Bad Day into a Fantastic One

Three Steps to Transform a Bad Day into a Fantastic One

We all have days when we simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed, right? Sure, some have fewer days like that than others, but we all have mornings that just start all wrong. Have you noticed that bad things always come in groups of three? You wake up and you’re running late (one). Then you spill your coffee (two) and forget your charger (three). Spiritually, is there any reason for these events? How can we get over these bad days quickly and effectively?

First, understand from where bad days and good days come. Imagine this scenario first: there is light, which is the source of all good and positivity, and there is the vessel, which is empty and requires the light to make it happy. We are the vessel, while the Divine is the sharer of light and positivity. To be happy and have a good day, we need the positive energy that the light can provide. A bad day, then, is simply a day without light. Instead of classifying it as a bad day, simply see it as a day that requires light and positivity. Very simple, no? So here are three simple steps to transform a bad day into a fantastic one!

Step 1: Recognise your bad day.
That might sound absurd: we know when we’re having a bad day. But so many of us are used to constant complaining. Whether about the weather, immigrants, Trump, relationships, people always find something to complain and nag about. That’s not a bad day. That’s venting, a different matter altogether. A bad day is when actual, physical events go wrong, such as a car accident or a computer breakdown. So, as a first step, recognise the bad day.

Step 2: Pause
Avoid reacting to the circumstances by calling, screaming, shouting, cursing, or whatever. Your reactive nature drives you every time to the second incident of the day, so stop doing it. Pausing to feel your body and your energy, take a few seconds just to stop and totally accept the event.
That will create the emptiness in the vessel for the light.

Step 3: …and let there be light!
This step is the easiest. Once you’ve felt the pause or the emptiness, ask the light to come in. Simply by requesting the light to come in, you are injecting that empty vessel with light or positivity, transforming the event.

The Gift:
First, you will notice that if you manage to do this after the first incident, you won’t meet the second or the third. This is a gift in itself: knowing that the next time you encounter a difficulty, you simply need to pause and switch on the light.

Second, understand that once we inject one day with positivity, we begin to make these three steps into a habit. And then all our days become positive!

Have an amazing day!

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