What Can We Learn From Ramadan?

Three ways to make the most
of this coming Lunar month.

Have you ever been to a concert, a demonstration or a football match? No matter how old you are, you must remember attending some kind of mass gathering. Did you take notice of how you felt, depending on the occasion, and the way in which you were moved by the collective energy or consciousness of the people?

Many astrology blogs talk about the stars and planets and how they affect us through the energy fields. Similarly, we – as humans – affect each other. It is ironic that this year, when so much darkness has prevailed, the cosmos has united the revelation of the Quran and Torah in the same lunar month. Below are three ways in which you can use the energy that in this month is doubly potent to have an amazing year and download amazing energy.

Find Out the Secrets

At the end of Ramadan, people celebrate Eid al fitr (which translates as a “return to the purest state in which we are born”). Now, this is enough to explain what is going on this month. To receive more, we must first clean ourselves. Let me give you a metaphorical example. If you have an empty cup and put water in it (positive energy), you will get drinking water. Now, if you put this same water into a cup with sand, you will get mud. This is what happens to us throughout this month: we are cleaning ourselves to return to our purest highest state. This is the consciousness or beliefs of over half the world’s population. The month of Gemini is all about communication between the spiritual and physical worlds. Here is how you can use this high energy.


We all want to live better lives and be better people. This lunar month is a great opportunity to set out to do more on the spiritual front. For example, take an elderly person for a walk, read a sacred text or a philosophical book, donate money or volunteer (we have an amazing volunteering opportunity you can ask us about). Maybe you want to commit to your affirmations. Whatever it might be, just commit the next lunar month to something outside of yourself. Increase your commitment level to your practices. For example, I have decided to commit to all the affirmations and meditations I am supposed to do daily.


We all have bad habits that affect us. Negative habits can only be replaced by positive ones. This is why the great light of this month can truly diminish the darkness within. Maybe you nag or you are shy or angry. Whatever it is, practice to control your mind – not by turning it off but simply by exerting it like the muscle it is. For example, I am only speaking positive words that bring unity to negative words.


About a week before I wrote this article, I read online that fasting for three days can regenerate your entire immune system. Fasting can range from simply giving up sugar or snacks to fasting for real. No matter your choice, making a commitment to truly cleanse your body can transform your health and immune system.

So here is my commitment to my health: I will fast the entire Ramadan as well as commit to exercise (aerobics from a CD four times a week). When I eat breakfast, I will have dates and yogurt. I will only eat light meals and drink plenty of fluids.

These are the three main ways I am using this high energy month to transform myself and my life. Share your story of your commitments this month.

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