Mind Body Spirit Festival 2016

A safe haven where you are free to be mindless-mindful-mindling…

When you enter the Mind Body Spirit Festival, you see a rainbow of colours everywhere, as if you were walking in a fairy-tale world. Different scents tantalize your nose, drawing you ethereally to their sources. Sniffing this and sniffing that, feeling a natural buzz in your head, a little smile comes to your lips as the buzz plays around you like a cloud lifting you up to a higher vibrational level. You move to sounds and waves of vibrations, you look at shining crystals, and you watch dancing faeries floating freely and happily about the garden. You meet different kinds of people, each category representing different characters from Alice’s wonderland.

Each person who enters this eclectic atmosphere feels as if he or she were following the Rabbit down the hole.

At each stand, you either get a “drink me” potion, and you can shrink, or a piece of cake that says “eat me”, and you will grow.

As you stroll amongst the exotic stands, each with its own unique symbolic and heartfelt product, you experience joy, happiness, and a sense of freedom, a sense of being outside the box.

In summary, it’s one Big, Mad Tea Party, especially once the wonderful free walk dancing starts or when the stage is ablaze with wonderful spiritual healers showing people the limitless possibilities they can attain. If you want to dare yourself a bit more, go and join a fun class to awaken your inner child, who wants to come out and play again.

I have to extend my gratitude to those wonderful people who passed by the BMC stand, to those who decided to eat a piece of our cake and feel themselves growing in consciousness or to sip from our magical potion and feel their problems diminish away into space.

Each person entered our world and then, in a kind of initiation process, began by facing his or her true self, finding the strength to defy society in this atmosphere of freedom and purity. They could feel the innocence of their childhood again and get some feel for the enchantment that awaits them once they become one with the universe.

To all those beautiful people who visited us—and even those who didn’t—please feel free to experiment with the following magical mushrooms. Each bite will give you a glimpse of the world within:

  • Release and forgive whatever you are harbouring from your past. This will release emotional blocks within you.
  • Love and appreciate yourself, as you are a special being of this universe. Always affirm that.
  • Simplify whatever you are worrying about; in the end, there’s always a solution for every problem.
  • Drink water to flush out the physical and mental toxins and to make them dissolve bit by bit.
  • Pamper yourself whenever you have the opportunity. You deserve it and owe it to yourself.
  • Have faith. Open your heart to divine guidance and believe that you are not alone. You are loved and protected.