Take Back Control Of Your Health And Relationships

Sometimes, we really don’t know what to do.

Our minds feel cluttered with so many possible routes and options to take or try in order to better manage our personal health and relationships.

Our relationships with those around us—from our loved ones to co-workers, our children, our spouses—include being mindful of not only of ourselves, our actions, and how we’re showing up in our relationships, but they also add in the complex (and often confusing) emotions, feelings, needs and wants of another.

We tend to feel pulled in multiple directions, trying to hold true to our visions for ourselves and take good care of ourselves while also being flexible to include blending well with others and, especially regarding our marriages and children, also tending to multiple needs within each relationship.

For a family with three children, for example, one roof can easily house five relationships or more: Husband and wife, parental relationships with each child (three unique and individual relationships), sibling relationships with each other, the health and wellbeing of the family unit itself, and each individual family members’ relationship with himself or herself. Sometimes, we find ourselves leaning into others more than ourselves, accepting another’s needs or wants as more prominent, and even more valid, than our own.

And underneath the one roof of our workplaces? We’re involved in our relationships with our bosses, multiple co-workers, not to mention our personal relationship, too, with our chosen livelihood as we try to manage our success and how we feel within our careers.

With all of these thoughts and needs running around in our minds, trying to maintain our personal health and wellbeing and the multitude of relationships we’re in? We often feel lost within the demands of the very relationships we love and crave!

How can we take back control of our health and our relationships?

The honest truth is that in order to feel in control of our personal health and able to better manage the needs within our relationships, we, ourselves, need to feel in control. We need to give ourselves permission to identify and shift our attention to our own needs and goals, ensuring we feel centered and balanced first. Then, we’re better able to bring that centeredness and balance into our relationships.

By consciously implementing the following simple solutions, we can learn to slow our minds and create a true sense of calm within ourselves from which every issue and relationship around us will ultimately be bettered by.

Please see below some easy options that you might find insightful in helping you find answers to a possible issue or question that keeps arising within your mind, maybe regarding a healthful option you’d like to try or a need within a relationship that you’d like to better address?

You’ll also find these exercises and practices beneficial in assisting you with feeling more in control and centered within yourself, allowing you to bring that sense of peace and health into your relationships:

Write down whatever it is that you are wondering about, in any form; just write it down as a point, or points, and then prioritize if there is more than one. For example, you might write down: I’m feeling like no matter how hard I try, there’s never enough minutes in a day to enjoy time for myself.

After you write, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Put your hand on your heart and count slowly to six, then exhale slowly, counting to six while visualizing a white, golden light entering your body.

Now that your head is a bit clearer, write down possible solutions to the issue arising in your mind, even if the solutions seem far-fetched. Possible solutions could include anything from scheduling time for yourself into your daily, weekly, and monthly calendar to agreeing to an arrangement with your significant other where each partner receives one evening free of household responsibility each week. Write down as many solutions as you can conceive.

Say daily affirmations related to the issue, such as:

  • I release this out-of-control feeling to Divine Guidance.
  • I feel in charge of this situation.
  • I accept and surrender.
  • I love myself.
  • I forgive this chaos and trust in a solution to this situation.

Repeat these affirmations in the morning when you awaken, at night before you sleep, and even whenever you feel low energy.

Believe that you are not alone and that there is a stronger power out there willing to help you: “seek and you shall find…”

Taking back control of our health and relationships begins within ourselves. The more you ask, affirm, and seek out answers to meeting your personal needs in alignment with the needs required of you in your life and relationships, the more clarity you’ll receive and the more centered and in control you’ll feel.

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