How to Use Astrology In Your Everyday Life

Is Astrology even a science? Are we desperate enough to believe anything that tells us we are special? Are we looking for a cause to blame, or are we looking to understand our complex selves?

Well, whatever your reasons for believing or not in astrology, you must know that the universe is a highly organised system, unfolding in perfect, interrelated and inter-dependent order.

So, for example, if you stand on the bus close enough to someone, you can feel their body heat. If they are agitated or impatient, you will feel that energy and start to feel the same way, right?

Have you experienced that, or is it just our imagination?

In the same way that we affect each other on such minute scales, now imagine that same situation with the planets and our cosmos. The position of the planets affects our manifested energy, just one big bowl of soup in which we all affect each other.

Ahhh: here is a catch, though, a spiritual catch. Are you an effect or a cause? This is where there is a lot of misunderstanding of astrology.

We’ve concluded that the planets affect our Earth and its energy, which is called a monthly astrological forecast. According to the location of the planets, we can estimate what kind of energy will manifest in our world.

This is helpful for three reasons:

  1. We can understand why we feel the way we feel.
  2. It helps us  control and make informed decisions about how events occur.
  3. We become the driving force behind our decisions.

Using the monthly astrology forecast, we can become the cause rather than the effect of the energy that is available to us. Let’s make this practical.

Suppose Saturn will be going through your financial house in six months, which means it will be difficult to earn money. So, while an unaware person will not save enough money, someone following an astrological forecast will save money and sail smoothly through the months of less financial gain. Is this just superstition? What do you think?

We know that spiritually is not superstition. It’s simply using knowledge of a science to enhance one’s life. It’s much like auto type: it does not predict your thoughts or the future, it just observes a pattern.

Now, 200 years ago, people would call that magic, but, in reality, it’s a science. Just as you can change your choice of letters to change your word when you type, you can change the way you interact with energy to alter outcomes.

We’ve now spoken of the benefits of astrology, but how do we use it? Firstly, at BMC, we use both lunar and mainstream (solar) astrology to achieve better understanding of the energies at any given time.

So, here are the types available for us to use:

  • Monthly astrology can be reported every 29 to 39 days and overviews the ruling signs. According to that, we can get a better understanding of the energy available for us to use.
  • Personal sign astrology is a calculation done based on the time and place of your birth. As with the monthly energy, though more detailed, we can see the strengths and weaknesses of the energy dominating at the time of your birth.
  • Personal reading charts involve a thorough reading of past, present and future alignments of the planets that have affected, are affecting and could affect you.
  • Though we love astrology, and truly believe it gives a clear picture, it is not a complete one. We as humans are affected by and affect many things around us. Narrowing our understanding purely to astrology would be a mistake.

Meaning and significance are out there. Every month the BMC Spiritual Astrology Blog shares spiritual astrological forecasts with you, offering expert and esoteric insights for the sign of the month.

But that’s not all
. If you want some planetary guidance that combines lunar and solar astrology, then BMC can provide you with personalised and in-depth astrological readings and forecasts. Discover what is written in the stars and unravel the influence of celestial bodies on your life. Email us now or ask one of our healers.

Like any other tool we offer at BMC, astrology is simply a means to achieve fulfillment and healing.

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