Tips and a Meditation For Aquarians

Aquarius: January 29 to February 26

Welcome to the unique month of Aquarius in 2017. What awaits us in this month of contradictions?

This month, we are governed by two opposing planets transiting into the chart: Saturn, the king of rules, karma, structure, and discipline, plus his one and only opposing half, Uranus, the planet of free-thinking, global good, and no rules, who encourages us to fly off everywhere.

This month, Saturn and Uranus give us the ability to tap into limitless possibilities. We’ll have the power to be unique and creative with our ideas. On the political front, you will see things exploding, with many ideas that seem totally unrealistic and outrageous. Why? Because we are all being affected by Aquarius’ wonderful power. We must be careful, however, to tap into this energy and creativity for the global good. We must think about people, not our cause or mission, as it is about being involved in humans and humanness.

On 11 February, a lunar eclipse will happen in Leo. What does that mean? An eclipse means speed for change, so we’ll want to connect to cooperative energy. Leo is a strong sign that helps and shines, but forgets to take a step back, while Aquarius is an air sign propelling us forward. This combination will support a huge change in power, especially in Europe, Turkey, and Syria, where the eclipse will be highly visible.

Though flooded with creative energy, its manifestation this month is also very intellectual, which could lead us to injustice towards our fellow humans. Similarly, in our personal lives, we may have started something new and totally worth the effort, but we must be careful to involve our families. Tip this month: keep fellowship, not leadership or dictatorship.

Saturn means rules, law, karma, and closings, so think carefully this month about what you might not want anymore. Beyond thinking, act accordingly. End what needs to end, and also delve into something new. This month, perhaps you should invest in yourself to end things in the manner you choose.

This month, you will end things in the manner in which you will find them. So, if you want to have a successful relationship after one you must end, end it with humanity, dignity, and respect.

Finally, Venus is circling our orbit. While this is the planet of love and sexiness, it is also the sign of vagueness, slyness, and other dark characteristics. Make sure you communicate with people clearly and openly about how you feel.

Meditation for the month of Aquarius:

“I am my community, and my community is me.”

Finally, on 11 February, which falls on the 15th day of the lunar month, meditate on the concept of going against your nature. Why? Because on that day, we will have the ability to shatter the part of our ego that propels us and draws us closer to this physical reality.

So here are the three points:

  1. Close as you wish to open.
  2. Be unique and clear in all communication.
  3. Meditate on the welfare of the community.

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