Tips (And A Meditation) For Aries

Aries: March 27 to April 26

12 Steps to an Amazing Year

Astrologically speaking, sunset on Monday begins twelve days that plant the seeds for the entire year. This is really a time to root all your desires. Send them out into the cosmos to help focus your energy.

Besides sunset on Monday being the seed of all that will come this year, I would like to invite you then to join many thousands of other people, including myself, for an hour of spiritual unity. During this hour, we plan to plant seeds for peace around the world. In any way you can, please, for one hour after sundown on Monday, take actions of a spiritual nature with the intent to share unity amongst all people.

Concerning what is coming up in the cosmos, Aries is a fire sign and the baby of the zodiac. Your selfish, egocentric nature will be very active over the next month. You will be impatient and intolerant towards new ideas. Focused on instant gratification, you will find yourself in situations facing much confrontation. In those situations, try not to be reactive or impulsive towards your desires. Always ask yourself: how do others feel about what I want?

Now, the twelve steps for a successful year.

Day 1, 27 March 2017: Meditate on unity, love and tolerance towards all people.

Day 2, 28 March 2017: Contemplate on the idea of depth. Focus on building true inner depth and wisdom, increasing your ability to communicate.

Day 3, 29 March 2017: Consider change, especially on handling it with ease and grace.

Day 4, 30 March 2017: Focus on overcoming fear and insecurity.

Day 5, 31 March 2017: Reflect on unconditional generosity and humility, understanding that all sharing comes from the creator.

Day 6, 1 April 2017: Inject positivity and manifestation by loving yourself and embracing your inner faults.

Day 7, 2 April 2017: Today is an amazing day to actually make decisions. Inject consciousness with decisiveness, knowing which road to walk down.

Day 8, 3 April 2017: Meditate on heightening your intuition, on receiving Divine guidance and being more receptive towards other people’s feelings.

Day 9, 4 April 2017: Meditate on growth against all odds, the ability to overcome challenges and to be receptive to opportunities that come your way.

Day 10, 5 April 2017: Meditate to establish a better and higher connection to the spiritual world, that you might connect to it and use the tools it teaches to obtain physical stability.

Day 11, 6 April 2017: Leadership is a great quality to possess. Ponder the qualities that make a good leader, and plant those seeds for yourself for the year ahead.

Day 12, 7 April 2017: Taking action and being proactive is the way to success. Keep laziness and illusion from shattering your dreams.

Every day for these twelve days, you are planting seeds of positivity for all the other signs of the year. By doing so this every month, you can enhance your entire year.

Meditation for the month of Aries:

I attract all positivity. I open my mind and body to the light of the universe.

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