Tips and a Meditation for Cancer

Cancer: June 25 to July 23

Welcome to the month of Cancer - and to the seed of negativity over the next six months. If you were expecting some good news or an easy month, guess again! Cancer is a water sign, and its internal energy is water, meaning double the emotion and double the sensitivity.

Cancers are highly intuitive, sensitive, controlling and emotionally intelligent. With all of us affected by this energy this month, we will have heightened intuition, clouded by indecisiveness.

This month we can expect major disputes between global leaders. Most people this month will hide afraid, like the crab of cancer hiding under its shell. Since most people will want to hide their thoughts and feelings this month, it’s important to share. Learn to overcome your fears and express yourself.

Many illusions will appear this month. We will be easily misled, so don’t fall for illusions. Keep your mind logical and clear so you can connect to true miracles. Try to overcome the urge towards control and possessiveness. Keep your emotions intact and rational. Think clearly about the goals you have which can truly be fulfilled.

What’s in the Stars?

The nodes in the world have changed from Virgo and Pisces to Leo and Aquarius. What does that mean for you and me? On one side, we can achieve many things with determination, potentially expanding and growing beyond what has been possible. On the other side, we will encounter many relationship challenges. Why? Think about it: if every human did what they willed, there would be tremendous chaos, especially since ego rules most of our desires.

Physically speaking, this month is governed by the inability to move ahead due to indecisiveness. We will feel stuck, spiritually, with many thoughts and ideas that are illusions. We’ll need to just propel ourselves forward. The antidote to this is the famous Nike slogan: just do it. Get out of yourself, and don’t hide.

Finally, observe this month the dialogue between truth and lie. Cancer energy carries fear with it, which leads to avoiding reality sometimes out of fear. Hence, observe the lies you tell yourself and others when cornered. Being truthful with ourselves about who we are and what we want is a milestone towards both physical and spiritual growth.

Points of the month, summarised:

Be honest about your inner feelings.

Just act! Don’t overthink and cloud your mind with illusions.

Propel yourself towards your goals, but be considerate.

Meditation for the month of Cancer:

I trust the universe and have no fear. I believe in my full potential.”

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