Tips and a Meditation for Geminis

Gemini: May 26 to June 24


Before reading any further, breathe in, count to three, and then breathe out. Repeat the process again, and then one more time.

Now you may continue reading!

The reason we asked you to do a breathing exercise is because Gemini is the ruler of the lungs. As such, this is the organ to watch out for this month, and particularly if you are a Gemini by birth. Try breathing correctly whenever you can, by lifting your chest up and filling up your lungs.

Welcome to the month of Gemini.

Gemini is the month of communication as well, and you will find a lot of information is coming your way. You will easily have access to plenty of facts, but remember that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to information. Sometimes knowing one thing deeply is better than knowing many things superficially. Make sure that when you are listening, you are getting the full picture. Ask for more facts, as they provide depth.

Making a decision for an air sign such as Gemini is very difficult, but Geminis are of the air so it is even more difficult for them. They are all about rational thinking and communication. It is not that Gemini’s are two-faced, but rather that some Geminis do not have the capability to discern between right and wrong, so all arguments seem the same to them. Due to their ability to communicate, they are often chatter boxes, but they also have the ability to be very hurtful with their words when they are unhappy or even slightly displeased.

Are you being very rational this month?

You might feel you are being objective about your relationships and you will question the nature of them. Make sure that you are not overthinking things, as relationships are deeper and more profound than logic. Unconditional giving and love are illogical, so you will never fully comprehend why you choose to do something. This is why Geminis give a lot and sometimes not in the right places. They can also potentially be the cheaters of the zodiac, because they simply don’t see it as bad to give love to whoever needs it.

This month is particularly special and unique, as it is the month of cleaning before Cancer, and we know spiritually that the solution comes before the problem. Taurus contains within it the cure, so we have already received the anti-virus, but with Gemini this year we have the ability to cleanse ourselves from all negativity and disease.

When working, try to communicate clearly and build depth with your facts. It will be easy to overlook things due to a lack of depth and knowledge. Don’t just try to see it from all sides, but rather try to see deeply. You are most likely to find communication opportunities this way, and responses will come your way rapidly, so this is a great time if you want to put yourself out there on social media to gain some exposure.

Finally, this month is a great time to try a detox by eating things that are healthy for you. So pick an appropriate way for you to detox, both from food and from bad habits.

  • Breathing exercises
  • Food detox
  • Habits detox
  • Build depth by always looking inwardly
  • Use your communication skills to propel yourself forward

Meditation for the month of Gemini:

I am the master of my own energy. I always channel it in ways that serve me best.”

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