Tips and a Meditation For Libras

Libra: September 20 to October 19

Have you felt that too much is going on, but you cannot put your finger on why? Can you simply not make a decision? Welcome to the month of Libra, when decisions are hard to make. The astrological new year has started; only now have we started to feel the direct impact of the solar eclipses from months ago.

So, let’s tackle the first thing: who is a Libra? A Libra is everybody and nobody. They can be swayed so much by various opinions that they come across as hypocrites. Their impartiality and ability to see multiple sides to any story make them great philosophers indeed. Libra are naturally and simply inclined towards spirituality. They hate confrontation, are good with their tongues, can sometimes be a bit sharp but are generally very diplomatic. In short, the strengths of the Libra include diplomacy, intelligence, the ability to see multiple sides to every story and, finally, the ability to please people and make them happy.

Libra also have expensive taste. They are attracted to the fine arts and abstract paintings. Whilst they seek balance in their physical and spiritual lives, in love and finances they are always out of balance. Why? Because Libra forgets that balance is achieved by giving and receiving in the same amount.

In the month of Libra, you will find yourself very busy with mundane tasks. Although many ideas will come your way, you will be unable to make a decision. For this reason, throughout this month, it’s important we push ourselves to make more concrete decisions. All choices are correct; even negative outcomes teach us a lesson.

This month, use this energy to be more diplomatic, building friends and bridges across people. The sound that created the planet Venus, the ruling planet of the Libra sign and the planet of love, is LAMED, or simply “L.” This is a great month, then, to inject love and balance into our relationships.

In summary, this is a challenging month, with many ideas that are difficult to manifest. We are just now seeing the effects of the solar eclipse, so remain calm. To get the best out of this month, meditate on the letter L and its sound.

The letter L comes from above to below.

Three tips:

  1. Understand that all choices come from above. Trust the process, and simply make decisions and follow them through.
  2. Chase opportunities to create friendships and connections.
  3. Surround yourself with beautiful things. Visit nature or art galleries.

Take some time daily to ponder the letter L and the concept of love. Try to inject this energy into the seed of your day!

Meditation for the month of Libra:

“I am the balance, I am the sight, I attract what’s right.”

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