Tips (And A Meditation) For Pisces

Pisces: February 26 to March 27

Are you ready? Pisces is here. So, here we are with the most interesting generation of people. Are you a Pisces? Are you a lunar Pisces? If you are unsure, contact us to find out!

Here are some basic characteristics of Pisces to get you started.

  • Are you laid back, with little motivation or drive?
  • Does the world seems fine to you?
  • Do you have a tendency to please people more than necessary?

If you share some of these characteristics, fear not, my friend! While these characteristics might seem negative to some, in your case they are not at all.


Here is a secret from the stars we would like to share: you are not coming back! This is your last incarnation. You are so close to the light, so up there, that you literally cannot see a problem here on Earth.

This is why you are not so engaged with daily life. While this is a very big advantage, part of our mission in life is to help those around us achieve their purposes, too. So, sharing your wisdom and knowledge should be a priority for you.

This month, according to our calculations, is ruled by the planet Jupiter, and we are still being affected by a strong eclipse occurring towards the end of February. What does all that mean? We call this month “Satan cried,” because we literally have the power to overcome our personal Satans, whose weapons are our egos.

Our egos run the show of our lives, from everything we think to everything we feel. Yes, even feelings are amplified thoughts. So, Satan uses those as his playing field to keep us victims, imprisoned in our minds and not helping other people achieve their purposes.

Does it now start to make sense?

By keeping us so aloof and so involved in ourselves, we are kept from helping others achieve their purposes. Hence, chaos, famine, and disasters reign our lives. This is not the fault of politicians, the financial crisis, the economy, or the NHS. The only adversaries we have are our own egos. By accepting this, we achieve the first stage towards recognising the miracle of this month: we are not our own egos. If we give ourselves the chance to be driven outside of our comfort zones—out of our own shows—we can truly help others transform their lives.

This month will have three slower-growing areas. First, careers, projects, and decisions will seem to get stuck. Decision-making processes will stagnate, with all choices seeming equally feasible. Second, we will tend to avoid romantic commitments, and, finally, health concerns will take longer to heal.

Committing ourselves to the goals we set last month will be crucial. If tough-tempered, try not to push too hard for a decision; instead, push yourself internally to overcome your ego. By focusing on removing layers of our own egos, we can see clearer truths and realities in all areas of our lives.

The three-step formula to succeed against Satan:

  1. A challenging situation occurs.
  2. Pause. Observe your reactive nature. Know that your reaction is the enemy, not the situation.
  3. Act with and inject light.

Around the time of the eclipse, avoid starting new ideas and projects, as the eclipse represents the diminishing of light. Instead, the eclipse will be a chance for us to reveal our own light through hard work, which means continuing what we have already started.

Meditation for the month of Pisces:

“I seek the light, and the light paves my way.”

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