Tips and a Meditation For Sagittarius

Sagittarius November 30 - December 30

Sagittarius contains a very important cosmological window. Known as the month of miracles because of its energy…

Time to whisk away, because Sagittarius is coming your way!

Sagittarius is all about expansive growth and fun. It is a fire sign. Internally, it’s air, meaning it’s comprised of two complementary elements feeding and growing on each other. In its nature, Sagittarius is prone to anger that cools down quickly. So, this month, as we are gathering and preparing for the holiday season, we must be careful to remain calm, especially when the planets are aligned in such a way that communication is free and easy but not understandable. This is the perfect timing for the holidays: lots of people talk, but no one understanding! Nevertheless, many opinions will be voiced over this coming month, and all are designed to take us to the next level in our relationships.

This month of Sagittarius also offers opportunities for great strength and growth.

We are connecting to our deeper and truer selves. This month is all about benefiting from the energy available for expansion: extending ourselves to our family members, friends, and our careers. So, if last month you planted the seeds of some idea, now is the time to launch it and take it forward.

Sagittarius contains a very important cosmological window. It is known as the month of miracles because of its energy, it builds and expands so that anything grows at miraculous speed. Cosmic astrologers are saying that its energy grows things so fast, it’s difficult for anyone to control the outcome. That’s why it’s imperative to set definitive goal this month for the destination of our projects.

Finally, this is the month of traveling and learning. It is made easier through the hidden air elements, because they expand our knowledge as well.

Exercise for the month of Sagittarius:

  • Observe your words, as their effect is amplifying
  • Invest in your work
  • Ask for miracles at work.

This meditation helps to open the energy levels to expand different horizons.

“I count my blessings and believe in miracles…”

Have a great lunar month!

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